Dutch conversation lessons

Do you want to improve your spoken Dutch? Or are you already somewhat proficient but you want to get even better? Then our conversation lessons might be perfect for you.

Instead of written grammar excercises and writing e-mails we offer conversation lessons to improve your Dutch language skills step by step. So if you don’t have a lot of time for homework, but you do want to keep your Dutch active and improve through speaking, these lessons offer a solution.

During the conversation lessons you will…

– extend your vocabulary
– practice with ‘verbal actions’: giving your opinion, compare objects or situations, etc.
– if requested: improve your grammar through oral excercises

We offer the following lessons:

  • Private lessons (face to face or via Skype)
  • Duo lessons

During the lock down, we want to make sure as many people can keep practicing Dutch as possible.

Therefore, we like to offer all online conversation lessons during this period with a 20% discount.

Our lessons


Everyone who wants to improve their spoken Dutch is welcome! Previous knowledge of the Dutch language is not required, but it a little basic knowledge is advisory. If you already speak some Dutch we start at your level and build on from there.

Our students are amongst others:

  • (French speaking) expats
  • People with a Dutch speaking partner
  • People who want to learn Dutch with a specific goal in mind, for example better e-mail skills or using Dutch with patients or clients
  • People who want to have flexible lesson hours



Since private lessons are tailor made, we can follow your personal interests, wishes and needs. Everything is possible! As mentioned above we focus mainly on enriching your vocabulary by discussing various topics. On top of that, we can practice linguistic actions, such als summarising, story telling, presenting and comparing.

Practical information


Tuijtel & taal uses excercises from existing materials, such as De Sprong or Nederlands in Gang, in combination with our own materials. We often use video’s or articles in native Dutch as a starting point for the lessons.

Length & study load

Every language learner studies at his or her own pace. During the intake we discuss how many lessons you need to reach your language goals. You can decide to take a certain amount of lessons per week for a fixed period, but Tuijtel & taal also offers special packages (with a small discount).

Option 1
4 lessons of 30 minutes

Option 2
4 lessons of 55 minutes

Option 3
8 lessons of 30 minutes

Option 4
8 lessons of 55 minutes

Prices & location


Lesson 30 minutes €29,50
Lesson 45 minutes €39,50
Lesson 55 minutes €47,50
Option 1

(4×30 min.)

Option 2

(4×55 min.)

Option 3

(8×30 min.)

Option 4

(8×55 min.)

lessons via Skype 10% discount on the prices above


The lessons take place in Rotterdam: at your place, in the Centrale Bibliotheek, or any other location in Rotterdam that suits you best. Rather not traveling? Or do you live abroad? We also teach via Skype! Apply for a free intake to discus the options.

When do we start?

The lessons can start whenever you want. After the intake, we’ll arrange a starting date as soon as possible.

Also possible!


Do you want to improve the Dutch of your employees? Tuijtel & taal teaches incompany lessons at companies in any area. Take a look on our incompany page for more information.

Online lessons via Skype

Do you live abroad or do you rather not want to travel to class? We teach our lessons also via Skype. Online lessons have some advantages:

  • No travel time or -costs
  • Take lessons while living abroad!
  • Lots of use of useful websites, programs and videos
  • Flexible hours
  • 10% discount