Dutch lessons? Great idea!

Learning a new language is a great experience! At least, we are convinced it can be with the right motivation, subjects and guidance. Are you looking for a teacher that can help you with exactly these things? Take a look at our lesson offer below and get in touch for a free intake.

What lessons do we offer?

Private or duo lessons

  • I want to have the full attention of the teacher so I can ask all my questions and get feedback
  • I would like to practice my speaking the whole lesson
  • I want to learn something specific, such as Dutch for work or understanding my inlaws
  • My partner and I would like to take lessons together

Do you recognise yourself in one or more of these statements? Than our private or duo Dutch lessons are perfect for you!

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exam training
akv-exam for dentists

Are you a foreign dentist and are you planning to do the akv-exam? Perhaps it is your first time, or you have tried a few times already but you keep struggling with one of the parts of the exam? We offer akv-exam preparation lessons to help you improve on all the seperate elements of the exam.

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Neerlandais pour les francophones

Tuijtel & taal has much experience with teaching Dutch to French speakers. We understand what can be perticularly difficult in Dutch when you are a native French speaker and we adjust our lessons accordingly. We are able to give insights in similarities and differences between the two languages and support our lessons with explanations in French when requested.

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