Dutch lessons

Do you want to learn the beautiful Dutch language? Or are you already somewhat proficient but you want to get even better? We are here to help!

Our lessons make you feel more comfortable in the Dutch language and we guide you in reaching any language goal you like. All in your own pace and in a fun and interactive way.

We offer the following lessons:

  • Private lessons
  • Duo lessons
  • Preparation Staatsexamen I and II


Everyone who wants to learn Dutch is welcome! Private lessons are tailor made, so previous knowledge of the Dutch language is not required. If you already speak some Dutch we start at your level and build on from there.

Our students are amongst others:

  • Expats
  • People with a Dutch speaking partner
  • People who want to learn Dutch with a specific goal in mind, for example better e-mail skills or using Dutch with patients or clients
  • Couples who want to learn the language together


In our intake we discuss your language learning goals. Since private lessons are tailor made, we can follow your personal wishes and needs. Do you want to study for an exam? Or do you want to improve your conversation skills so you can talk with your inlaws? Everything is possible!


Our hourly rates are:

  • Private lesson: €57,50
  • Private lesson online: €51,75
  • Duo lesson: €65,-
  • Duo lesson online: €58,50

Online lessons are via Skype or Zoom. Tuijtel & taal has been teaching online since 2017, so we have tons of experience making these lessons fun and interactive!